Camera repair

Proclub service center offers warranty and post-warranty camera repairs. We service digital cameras, SLR cameras and other photo equipment. We utilize only authorized and certified machines, and when it is necessary to replace the components, we use only original replacement parts.

Our service center is located in Warsaw (Wola), but we efficiently and safely serve Customers from all over Poland. You can deliver the defective equipment to our service center personally or via a courier service:

- automatically (using the form available on the web page),
- individually (in a convenient manner, by post or any courier shipment).

We process all orders in a reliable and timely manner, and our paid services are offered with a 6-month warranty.

or call 22 379 20 90
Why choose us?
Opinie o serwisie aparatów i kamer 4.3 Ocena serwisu aparatów WarszawaOcena serwisu aparatów WarszawaOcena serwisu aparatów WarszawaOcena serwisu aparatów Warszawa reviews: 642

I am impressed! Courier picked up the camera on Tuesday, and on Thursday it was back on my desk perfectly clean. Cleaning of the sensor and the housing was very professional - the camera looks like new. What can I say? I highly recommend this service!

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Opinie o serwisie aparatów i kamer 4.8 Ocena serwisu aparatów WarszawaOcena serwisu aparatów WarszawaOcena serwisu aparatów WarszawaOcena serwisu aparatów Warszawamaksymalna ocena serwisu reviews: 1001

All positive, very professional service and customer-oriented approach! I am very satisfied and will recommend the center to my friends.

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Authorized service center of the following brands:

Authorized Canon service center Authorized Sony service center Authorized Leica service center Authorized Tamron service center Authorized Samyang service center Authorized Sanyo service center


Let the professionals repair your photo equipment

The Customers delivering their photo equipment for repair want to be served by professionals having expertise and many years of experience as well as specialist service equipment. Proclub understands it perfectly, and that is why we employ only highly qualified technical staff who fulfil the orders in modern, excellently equipped laboratory facilities.

We repair various types of cameras, lenses and projectors of different brands. We are an authorized service center for the following brands: Canon, Sony, Tamron, Leica, Sanyo. Our Customers include professional photographers and filmmakers, as well as amateurs, hobbyists and bloggers.

What makes us unique?

We are a team of experts who enjoy their work! Each order as a new challenge for us and we focus on individual approach and reliable communication to foster relationships with our Customers. We understand how important the equipment delivered to the service center is for our Customers. Therefore, we offer the possibility to rent replacement equipment for the duration of the repair.


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