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Camera designs are highly complex. They consist of a large number of parts and mechanisms necessary for correct functioning, and all these are placed in a compact housing. Additionally, cameras are constantly subjected to overloads, temperature changes, air humidity and other external factors. If the camera does not turn on, has been damaged or is not functioning properly, it will be necessary to repair it. Our service center performs camera repairs of the following brands:

The most common camera repairs:

Shutter replacement - shutter is one of the key camera components; it is responsible for correct photo exposure. Shutter failure can manifest itself in different ways, the most common of which are:

dark stripes appearing in the photo;
frame darkening;
not maintaining exposure times (random photo exposure in identical lighting conditions);
photo overexposure or underexposure (at correct camera settings);
complete impossibility to take photos;

camera repair: shutter replacement

The cost of shutter replacement depends on the camera model as well as on the sensor size; therefore, for estimate please contact us or report the equipment to our service center.

Because the shutter is designed for a specific number of cycles, the SLR and mirrorless camera users can at any time check the shutter count, i.e. verify the number of photos taken by the camera. To make sure that the data is correct, the service must be performed in the manufacturer’s service center. The shutter count check is performed while you wait, and it costs PLN 61,50. Visit us!

LCD screen replacement - the LCD screen is an important advantage of digital cameras. Screens are exposed to a number of failures resulting from the influence of external factors, including:
- breaking as a result of impact;
- breaking as a result of strong pressure on the screen or its area;
- damage to the connection between the screen and the camera;

camera repair: LCD panel replacement

The most common inquires about the screens, directed to our photo service center are:

dark screen or black screen in the camera;
no image on the LCD screen;
patches of color on the screen;
stripes on the LCD screen;

The repair of the LCD screen can consist in the replacement of the entire screen, the plastic cover, the replacement of the flex cable connecting the screen with the motherboard, or the replacement of the power controller, or other servicing activities depending on the failure. The cost of screen repair depends on the camera model as well as on the parts necessary for the fault removal; therefore, for estimate please contact us or report the equipment to our service center.

Problem with built-in flash - many cameras have a built-in flash which is raised to the operating position automatically. If the flash is not raised automatically, and the flash function is set according to the user manual, it will be necessary to deliver the camera to our service center. Both the troubleshooting and the repair estimate will be performed free of charge.

camera repair: flash unit repair

The most important flash component (both for built-in and external flashes) is the so-called burner which, similarly to other elements of this type, is worn out during use. The symptoms of the burner problems include:

photos taken with flash raised are dark (exposure parameters are set correctly);
the flash does not flash;

The burner replacement in our service center is carried out using original parts and equipment provided by the manufacturer. The replacement cost is calculated individually depending on the camera model.

Sensor cleaning - patches or contaminations are visible in the photos; it most probably means that the sensor in your camera is dirty. The cleaning of the camera sensor is a service carried out in special conditions by trained technicians. We also have a special dust-free chamber enabling us to maintain the most sterile working conditions.

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Autofocus (AF) adjustment (back focus / front focus) - if the focus in the photo is in a different position than indicated during shooting, it most probably means that the Autofocus (AF) requires adjustment. The AF adjustment is only possible in service conditions.


Other camera faults repaired in our service center include:

error, press the shutter button again;
camera does not turn on;
damaged USB port;
damaged CF memory card slot;
damaged SD memory card slot;
flooded camera;
buttons in the camera do not work;
rubber replacement in the camera;
battery door cover torn out;
sensor burnout;
message in Canon cameras: err20. Shooting not possible;
message in Canon cameras: err70. Shooting is not possible due to an error;
message in Canon cameras: err01;
message in Canon cameras: err05;
message in Canon cameras: err99;
the camera does not take pictures;
the camera does not read memory cards;

camera repair
camera repair

We repair cameras covered by warranty and offer paid equipment service. All repairs are carried out by a trained team of servicemen using appropriate tools and software provided by the manufacturers. Each repair step is described on the Service process page, and during the repair each Customer can check the current status on the Check status page.

Some repairs we can perform within one day - check the details!

Camera failure is always an uncomfortable situation. That is why we offer photo and video equipment rental for the Customers who cannot afford equipment unavailability. You are welcome to use our services!

If you want to repair your lens, please choose::

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