Service process

Damaged equipment:
stages of the repair


If you are interested in learning how your equipment is being repaired, please read our step-by-step guide below.

Filling out a repair order form

Along with the equipment sent to us by post, the Customer is asked to enclose a repair form including information about the fault and contact details.

Order reference number

Upon arrival, the equipment as well as the information provided in the order form will be registered onto our repair system. Once the registration is completed the Customer will receive a unique order number by e-mail.

Fault verification by the technician

The equipment is given to the technical team who will check its condition and verify it against the information provided by the Customer in the form.

Evaluation of the repair cost

The Service Centre estimates the cost of the repair and sends e-mail with breakdown of the cost to the Customer.

Customer’s decision

Once the e-mail is sent, the status of the order will be pending the Customer’s decision. He can either accept the repair or decline the chargeable repair.

Awaiting for the spare parts

In some cases, the Service Centre may need to order spare parts from the manufacturer’s central warehouses, which may affect the estimated time needed to complete the repair.


The repair process begins. The technician repairs the equipment using authorised machines.

Standard technical adjustments

After the repair, each piece of equipment undergoes technical adjustments required by the manufacturers. Adjustments are performed using authorised and serviced machines.

After the repair

After the repair and successful verification, the equipment is ready for collection or dispatch.

Dispatching or collecting the equipment

The equipment is sent to the Customer by UPS courier service or can be collected by the Customer from Service Centre. Detailed information regarding the equipment dispatch or collection times will be sent to the Customer by e-mail.
No charge for second evaluation, in case of complicated repairs
In case of complicated repairs, for example when the equipment was dropped or water damaged, a second evaluation of the repair cost will be offered free of charge. The first cost evaluation is conducted by the technician during the initial examination, however more detailed assessment may reveal that other components need repairing. In such cases a further cost estimate of the repair will be made free of charge.
Customer can check the repair status online 24/7  at our website (STATUS CHECK at the head of the site), additionally he receives a number of e-mails confirming changes of statuses from our mailing notification system.

Our Customer Service Team can also be contacted via chat and Infoline:
Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00

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