Authorised service machines:
advanced technology
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Dust-free chamber

Application of an appropriate filtering system and adherence to specific regulations enabled us to create a pollution-free environment, protecting the components from dust setting when cleaning or changing the image sensors and filters.

CCD Controller

Device used for regulating the position of the CCD image sensors and regulation of the image stabilizer in Sony equipment.

DSC Shutter tester

This device is used for checking and regulating the actual timings of the shutter’s performance.

Lens projector

This specialist projector is equipped with custom test charts which are used for testing and regulation of the optic system. The device can analyse the centration and resolution of the lens.

Flange back tester

Flange back tester is used for precise measuring and regulation of the image sensor position in relation to the bayonet mount with the accuracy of up to 1 micron. Prior to every measurement the device undergoes a process of calibration using a purpose-built precision instrument.

Multiplex camera tester

This device is used for regulation of the shutter speed, exposure meters and white balance.

Table top

This device allows precise camera positioning for autofocus (AF) regulation based on former optic system.

Reference Optical Block

This equipment does not have any movable parts. It is regularly audited.

During repairs and service adjustments our Service uses only specialist machines and tooling.

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