Clean the sensor
in your camera
Do you see stains or impurities on your photos? Most likely, the sensor in your camera is dirty.

Dust is unfortunately a real thorn in the side of modern digital cameras, especially reflex and mirrorless cameras. If you do not want to attempt to clean the sensor by yourself, you can order this service from us.

We use special cleaning agents supplied by the manufacturer, which are not available in regular stores. We have a special dust-free chamber that allows to achieve utmost sterile working conditions. The chamber is fitted with a system of constant ventilation that absorbs dust particles.

dust-free chamber

Cleanliness of the sensor is tested afterwards with special diagnostic software recommended by the manufacturer. Such analysis allows to see everything that the human eye is not able to detect.

We always take pictures of the sensor before and after cleaning so that each client can check the effects of the service (and the picture can be sent to you by email or you can see it at our place).

dirty camera sensor
sensor after the cleaning

The sensor cleaning service has no time guarantee owing to the omnipresence of dust and dirt in our environment. Neither the camera nor the lens are dust and dirt proof and impurities may land of the image sensor shortly after cleaning.

Sensor cleaning - pricing:

for cameras with APS-C sensors (apart from Canon EOS R-series) PLN 61.50 gross
for Canon EOS R-series with Full Frame sensors, EOS 6D Mark II, 5D Mark IV, 5Ds, 5Dsr, 1Dx Mark II, 1Dx Mark III and Nikon Z-series PLN 246 gross
for the rest of Full Frame sensors cameras, Canon EOS 1D series and Canon EOS R-series with APS-C sensors PLN 149 gross
for medium-format cameras PLN 299 gross

We can clean the sensor of any camera (not only those we are authorized to service, i.e., Canon, Sony, and Leica).

sensor cleaning in Canon sensor cleaning in Sony sensor cleaning in Leica

Dla aparatów marki Panasonic, FujiFilm, Nikon, Pentax i Olympus oraz pozostałych prosimy o dostarczenie sprzętu wraz z naładowanym akumulatorem.

sensor cleaning in Panasonic sensor cleaning in Fujifilm sensor cleaning in Nikon sensor cleaning in Pentax sensor cleaning in Olympus

The service is unable to remove dirt located under the sensor filter. The dirt that got between the sensor filter and the light-sensitive surface is impossible to remove under servicing conditions. The only way to remove such specks of dust from under the filter and the scrapings on the filter is to replace the whole sensor.

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