Adjust the Auto Focus
in  your camera
If the focus in the picture is in another spot than you aimed at, it is possible that your AF (Auto Focus) requires adjustment or cleaning.

The adjustment service consists in adjusting any deviations in the AF system, which influence the precise setting of the focus, such as FF (Front Focus), that is, setting the focus in front of the object, or BF (Back Focus), that is, setting the focus behind the object.

AF adjustment is performed with the use of adjusting software supplied by the manufacturer.

Throughout the service, the use of the following devices is required:

• Table top – is used to precisely position the camera in order to adjust the AF system against the model optical system;
• Model optical system – is a tool with absolutely no moving elements. It is periodically inspected;
• Regulatory boards – special boards for adjustment of AF points.

Frontfocus (FF) - focus in front of the object
Backfocus (BF) - focus behind the object
Correct operation of the AF system - focus on the object

Before adjustment, the position of the sensor is verified with a flange back tester that serves to precisely measure and adjust the position of the sensor against the bayonet mount to the nearest 1 micron. The device is calibrated before each measurement with the use of a specially designed model tool.

If you want to be 100% sure that AF works properly, we encourage you to supply the whole set of devices; the body of the camera and the lens or all the bodies and lenses.

AF adjustment - pricing:

body adjustment PLN 369
AF adjustment of a less than 300 mm lens PLN 246
AF adjustment of a 300 mm or more lens (including a zoom of, e.g., 100-400 mm) PLN 369
camera sensor adjustment (if required) additionally PLN 246

If a picture is blurred despite the fact that the auto focus has found a focus spot, it may mean that the problem is not AF adjustment but the optical system of the lens. The cost of optical adjustment itself is dependent on the manufacturer and the model and may range from PLN 300 to 1200. Most commonly, such fault arises from mechanical damage – e.g. as a result of falling down – and in such a case it may turn out that (apart from adjustment) some parts need to be replaced and some other services need to be performed, which will make the cost higher. We offer free of charge cost estimate.

We can adjust the AF system in cameras and lenses we are authorized to service, i.e., Canon, Sony, and Tamron).

AF adjustment in Canon lenses AF adjustment in Sony lenses AF adjustment in Tamron lenses AF adjustment in Samyang lenses

We are also able to adjust Sigma Art lenses with Canon EF and Nikon F mounts.

AF adjustment in Sigma

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