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or repair your camcorder
If a camcorder does not turn on, has been damaged or is not functioning properly, it will be necessary to bring your equipment to the service center where it will be repaired. Our service center performs warranty repairs and paid repairs of Canon and Sony ILME camcorders. However, we also offer paid maintenance of camcorders of other Sony models as well as other brands.
We are an authorized Canon service center in Poland since 1995. By using the services of an authorized service center, you can be sure that only original parts will be used for repairs

The most common camcorder repairs:

Mechanical damages and strong overloads - equipment falling to the ground, hitting the camcorder, e.g. against the wall, or other incidents which can result in partial or total camcorder damage usually occur when you lose your focus even for a short while. The LCD screen, stabilizer and other parts exposed to overload or impact can be destroyed. In such a case, the housing can bear visible traces of damage.

Flooded camcorder - contact with fresh water, contact with salt water, extreme temperature changes, high air humidity; these and many other factors can have a significant impact on the functioning of the camcorder key mechanisms or electronics. The motherboard and its components, as well as the mechanical parts can be damaged. In such cases, the damage can manifest itself only after some time of the incident.

camcorder repair
camcorder repair

Damaged card slot - too fast, inaccurate, forced card insertion or inserting a mechanically damaged card into the slot can block the card in the slot as well as damage the contacts inside the camcorder body.

Dirty camcorder - dirt, dust, sand, mud, camcorder after an extreme trip or unused for a long time. We recommend careful use of the equipment in difficult conditions, employing the best possible protection against dirt, regular cleaning of the camcorder housing and the bag/case used for storing the camcorder. Cleaning should always be carried out in accordance with the operating manual provided by the manufacturer. Our service center offers cleaning of the outside and the inside of the camcorder (including cleaning of the camcorder matrix). Cleaning of the inside of the camcorder can prevent or eliminate problems with mechanical components and electronics.

Damaged LCD screen flex cable - this connector is responsible for transmitting the information between the camcorder and the tilted or rotated LCD screen. The flex cable damage can result in gradual distortion of signal transmission to the screen or complete information loss. If stripes appear on the screen or the screen does not work at a certain angle of tilt/rotation, these symptoms indicate the problem with the flex connector, and it will be necessary to deliver the camcorder to our service center.

Other camcorder faults repaired in our service center include:

error, press the shutter button again;
camcorder does not turn on;
camcorder does not record;
camcorder displays error on the LCD screen;
cassette compartment blocked;
tape drive errory;
lack of focus;
no communication with the lens;
damaged USB port;
damaged HDMI port;
damaged charging socket;
battery door cover torn out;

Because of the diversity of faults and complexity of camcorder design, our service center offers free repair estimates. Only equipment delivered to us and faults diagnosed by our technicians can be qualified for warranty repair or their repair price can be estimated for repairs beyond the scope of the warranty.

We repair camcorders covered by warranty and offer paid equipment service. All repairs are carried out by a trained team of servicemen using appropriate tools and software provided by the manufacturers. Each repair step is described on the Service process page, and during the repair each Customer can check the current status on the Check status page.
Some repairs can be performed within one day - check the details!

Our customers benefit from a number of advantages:

we offer warranty for the parts used;
we offer warranty for the services performed;
we have over 30 years of experience in camcorder repairs;
we accept card, cash and transfer payments;

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