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How to deliver damaged equipment?

Your device is broken and you need a fast service delivery?
Choose the preferred delivery method and follow the instructions.

Automatic arrangement of courier services

Select this option if you would like to send your equipment by UPS courier company. You will be asked to complete a short form to arrange an automatic courier delivery.

In person

Select this option if you would like to personally deliver your damaged equipment to our service centre in Warsaw

Individual arrangement of courier services

Select this option if you would like to send your equipment by post or courier company and deal with all formalities on your own.
Ordering courier
The equipment can be delivered in person to our Service Centre at Żytnia 15 in Warsaw.

! Please bring your equipment without any accessories not related to the submitted fault.

! If your equipment is still within warranty period, please bring the warranty documents with you.
Żytnia 15 St., 01-014 Warsaw
phone 22 379 20 90
opening hours:
Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00

For detailed contact information, please visit Contact tab at the top of the screen.

! Please make sure that your equipment is safely packed for transportation (in original box or paperboard with fillers).

! Please do not attach any accessories that are not related to the submitted fault. Our company does not take responsibility for such accessories.

Please make sure that the parcel sent by UPS includes all required documents and completed order form. Please fill out the delivery note in the following way:

Section 1: Sender's name and address

Section 2: Customer's number, recipient's address and contact telephone number:
Patryk Doliński
phone 22 379 20 90
Żytnia 15 St., 01-014 Warsaw

Section 3: Please tick RECIPIENT

Section 4: Please tick EXPRESS SAVER

Section 5: Please indicate a total weight of parcel - up to 5 kg for cameras and camcorders.

! Please leave any additional fields unticked. Ticking non-standard fields on the list such as "EXPRESS PLUS" will result in charging the Customer for an additional service.

The cost for one-way parcel delivery for parcels under 5 kg is 14.90 PLN (incl. VAT). COD fee is 9.90 PLN (incl. VAT). All shipments are insured up to the value of 50 000 PLN.

UPS courier company contact:
phone 22 534 00 00